Friday, October 19th, 2018

County Recorder's

Historical Information Management System

Version: 01.01.00


In preparation for the year 2000, county governments conducted a comprehensive internal audit to identify potential year 2000 compliancy issues. Many County Recorder offices found that their existing, proprietary solutions would not meet the year 2000 requirements in time and began to look for more cost-effective alternatives for providing their information to the public in an easy-to-use, year 2000 compliant solution.

A local Dayton firm subcontracted Mr. Summers, the President of DIVERSIFIED Computer Solutions, Inc. to develop a year 2000 compliant database that would be used by several County Recorder offices to provide users with an easy-to-use interface for quickly searching and reviewing property related data.

Dubbed the "County Recorder's Historical Information Management System", this database solution offers County Recorders with a low cost, Windows-based alternative, that requires no end-user training and allows easy access and management of the Recorder's stored data. Unlike other proprietary solutions on the market that made exporting data or customizing the program very difficult, the County Recorder's Historical Information Management System utilizes industry standard Windows technology and offers secure access to the underlying data tables.


Throughout the design and development phases, an emphasis was placed on making the user interface as easy to use as possible. Available user functions were organized into intuitive groups, buttons were clearly identifiable, and a Help system was built to provide users with additional assistance if needed.

Accessible from throughout the solution, the custom Online Help screens walk the user through the purpose of each screen and how to use the functions built into each screen. This particular example Help screen (left) instructs the user how to browse "All Parties By Surname" and how to view the records associated with the selected record Control Number.


Searching for records, the core component of this database solution, is a simple task thanks to support for multiple search criteria, the intuitive search interface, and the Help system that walks users through each step of the search process.

Search functionality is driven by a combination of pre-built, reusable select queries, parameter driven queries (user specified parameters) and custom programming designed to build SQL queries on the fly based on the criteria specified by the user.


County Recorder - Screen Shot #1b
County Recorder - Screen Shot #2
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