Friday, October 19th, 2018

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Frequent Buyer Database

Version: 01.04.02


As the U.S. economy began to slow many retailers searched for methods to increase sales including the development and promotion of a "Frequent Buyer Program". Retailers understood that it is much easier to sell to existing "loyal" clients than it is to find and develop new client relationships. The Frequent Buyer Program was built around this understanding and became a perfect tool to increase sales by rewarding those customers that frequent a retail store and make regular purchases.

The Frequent Buyer Program also proved to have several other benefits including:

  • Encourage occasional customers to make more regular purchases
  • Better target traditionally slow periods with special sales and offers
  • Track customer purchases and sales trends
  • Track how well a product or category of products move out the store
  • Enable managers/owners to make more informed business decisions

Mr. Summers, the President of DIVERSIFIED Computer Solutions, Inc., was contracted to develop a Frequent Buyer database that would be used by retails to track sales and mailers, and make it easier for management to make critical business decisions.

Since many of the end-users were not computer literate, an emphasis was placed on designing the solution to be as simple and easy-to-use as possible.


Throughout the design and development phases, an emphasis was placed on making the user interface as easy to use as possible. Available user functions were organized into logical menu groups and subgroups very similar to menus found in other Windows programs.

The Frequent Buyer Database also simplified the process of entering and finding customer and product information by organizing the forms and data fields into easy-to-use windows.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, end-users could easily view and print reports, generate mailing labels, and find, edit or add customer information and purchase history!


The Frequent Buyer Database allows a retailer to perform a variety of customer related functions including:

  • Organizing customers by current Frequent Buyer Program members, past members, and non-members
  • Create new customer records and assign new Frequent Buyer member ID numbers
  • Track and organize targeted mailings to members, past members and non-members.
  • Generate mailing labels
  • View purchase history
  • Track birthdays
  • More!


Frequent Buyer - Screen Shot #1
Frequent Buyer - Screen Shot #2
Frequent Buyer - Screen Shot #3