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Beware of Fake Windows Defender Warning

Tim Summers
Technology Alert

Some customers are reporting a fake Windows Defender screen that appears while they are browsing the Internet. If you see a screen such as the following, DO NOT CALL THE PHONE NUMBER. DO NOT ENTER ANY USERNAMES OR PASSWORDS!

This fake screen attempts to convince you to call a phone number or enter information such as your username or password. Some of these fake screens will even use audio such as a siren or voice recording to make the situation seem more ominous.  

Also beware of the fake red X on the screen. This is not a real red X and will not close the screen.

Again, please do NOT click on the screen, enter any information or call the phone number.

Call your I.T. support person for assistance.

About Tim Summers

Tim Summers is a long-time nerd and the owner of Diversified Computer Solutions, Inc. Tim has built a reputation within the Dayton, Ohio area as an honest and reliable computer consultant who blends sound business principles with quality technical advice and service. Tim spends most of his waking hours in front of a computer and some of his sleeping hours as well. Currently, Tim splits his time between providing I.T. support services, building websites, and trying to train a high energy Dachshund mix named Gizmo.

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