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What is an IP Address

Tim Summers

Internet Service Providers (also called “ISPs”) such as Spectrum, Metronet, AT&T and others use unique identifiers, called IP addresses, to distinguish your home or office from other users on their service.

The importance of Proactive PC and Server Maintenance

Tim Summers

Have you ever purchased a car and then neglected to change the oil, rotate the tires, or wash and wax the exterior? Hopefully, your answer is “No” because you understand the importance of proactively maintaining your vehicle to extend its lifespan.

Our minimum and recommended computer specifications

Tim Summers

At Diversified Computer Solutions, we are often asked to recommend what type of computer to buy for home and business purposes. Please note the specs in this article are not for gaming computers, CAD computers, or image and video editing computers.

SCAM Melecia The Qualified Photographer

Tim Summers

Diversified customers report receiving emails or form submissions through their website from people claiming to be photographers. These emails claim that photos used on the customer's website are stolen. The intent of the sender is to convince the recipient of the email to click on hyperlinks within the email thereby opening themselves up to virus infection.

The Importance of Cyber Safety, Educate Your Employees

Tim Summers

Even the most sophisticated security plan may not protect you from an employee that clicks on a bad hyperlink, that attempts to open a dangerous email attachment, or that allows a fake technician to remote into their computer. The well-meaning employee is often the weakest link in your security plan. Hackers know this which is why they target your employees daily with email phishing campaigns, popups, browser redirections and alerts urging them to call fake technicians.


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