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Beware of Fake Windows Defender Warning

Tim Summers
Technology Alert

Some customers are reporting a fake Windows Defender screen that appears while they are browsing the Internet.

How to run a Malwarebytes Scan (Retail Edition)

Tim Summers
How To

If you have the retail version of Malwarebytes installed on your Windows computer, you can easily run a full scan to check your computer for malware infections that might not be detected by your antivirus software.

How to run an AVAST Antivirus Scan

Tim Summers
How To

If you are running the retail edition of AVAST antivirus, the business edition of AVAST antivirus or the AVAST Cloudcareedition of antivirus, you can follow these steps to run a scan of your computer.

How do you know if your mailbox was hacked?

Tim Summers
Technical Support

Email can be hacked in a variety of ways. One such method is tricking people into opening an infected email attachment. Once opened, the email account and contact list can become vulnerable to the hacker.

What is an IP Address

Tim Summers

Internet Service Providers (also called “ISPs”) such as Spectrum, Metronet, AT&T and others use unique identifiers, called IP addresses, to distinguish your home or office from other users on their service.

Ten Steps To Take When Your Email Account is Hacked

Tim Summers
Technical Support

It can happen to anyone. Sometimes all it takes is opening an infected email attachment or entering your email username and password into a website portal that turns out to be fake. Unfortunately, with the way digital technology works, if you're connected to the internet, you can be hacked. Here are ten steps you should take when your email account is hacked.

The Importance of Cyber Safety, Educate Your Employees

Tim Summers

Even the most sophisticated security plan may not protect you from an employee that clicks on a bad hyperlink, that attempts to open a dangerous email attachment, or that allows a fake technician to remote into their computer. The well-meaning employee is often the weakest link in your security plan. Hackers know this which is why they target your employees daily with email phishing campaigns, popups, browser redirections and alerts urging them to call fake technicians.


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